Which Editor Do I Choose?

No-one can tell you which editor is right for your book, though people and professionals can advise you. Ultimately, you have to decide that for yourself, which isn’t always easy, especially when there are a number of editors who provide different services with similar-sounding names.

Some editors offer:

  • Copy edits and line edits
  • Copy edits only
  • Line edits only
  • Copy edits and proofreads
  • Proofreads only
  • Developmental/structural/critique edits and copy/line edits/proofreads
  • Developmental/structural/critique edits only

And then, to complicate things, there are things called proof-edits, which sound like a combination of proofreading and editing.

Alex James Novels offers developmental/structural/critique edits and copy edits and proofreads, but will not offer line edits, and unless the crossover requirements are minimal will not wish to offer more than one service at the same time i.e. a copy edit and a line edit or a developmental edit and a copy edit.

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