√ No cancellation fees

√ No subcontracting

√ 2 hours free post-project support

Editing and proofreading gift vouchers available

√ Vouchers for clients in difficult circumstances

√ Client and neurodiverse client friendly

Guideline rates

As of 27th July 2022, my rates are worked out as £190 (or your currency equivalent) per 10,000 words for all of my services. Yes, all of them: critique/structural editing, copy editing, and proofreading. This is because it will take me a similar length of time to carry out all of these services, depending on their word count.

Projects under 10,000 words

Exceptions are fiction projects under 10,000 words or non-fiction projects. Please read the Contact page, or get in touch through the Contact page, if you wish to enquire about a project that is under 10,000 words.

See my Rates FAQ page for more details on how I tackle this beast. I mean, of course, how we can work together.

What type of editing do I need?

Incomplete story/project/manuscript: critique/structural edit
Complete story/project/manuscript to be ready for publishing/target audience: copy edit
Final check for sense and error: proofread

How do I use this website?

You could read it, but you don’t have to. I’m assuming you’re here because someone mentioned me or you accidentally landed your speculative mind onto it. The Contact page is the most important page. That’s where you can learn to get in touch.

What is alexjamesnovels.com?

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