Developmental Edit

What others have said about my developmental edit services

‘I found the chapter breakdown as well as headers for key recurring points/themes very useful. Your understanding of the genre and assessment of the book itself were clearly demonstrated and very useful. As well as the specific critique/feedback points, made good observations around the thematic content and inspirations for the book and made good suggestions to make these stronger. You also included positive feedback, generally and specifically, which helped me to understand what is good about the book as well as what needs improvement, including specific chapters you enjoyed – giving me a standard in mind to work towards.’

Dean Biddulph

‘Alex’s critique of my work has been invaluable and given me the confidence to polish and submit it for wider reading. I have found his words to be constructive, necessarily firm and critical, and ultimately encouraging. In a sentence: Alex’s support has improved my writing- that is all I hoped for, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.’


‘Once again, I can see you’ve done a very thorough job and given me plenty to think about and work through. I’m very pleased with your positive comments around writing style and movement of the story, which is encouraging, and of course appreciate all your constructive feedback too. Much of your critique around voice, dialogue and specific chapters was in line with my expectations. I particularly found your comments around the ‘racial struggles’ and confusion around where/when Christopher was at times to be interesting and thoughtful – highlighting the challenge for me in writing some ‘challenging’ content for readers without pushing them too far/confusing them too much… which I think is the key for me to tweak and find the right balance.’

Dean Biddulph

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