‘I found the chapter breakdown as well as headers for key recurring points/themes very useful. Your understanding of the genre and assessment of the book itself were clearly demonstrated and very useful. As well as the specific critique/feedback points, made good observations around the thematic content and inspirations for the book and made good suggestions to make these stronger. You also included positive feedback, generally and specifically, which helped me to understand what is good about the book as well as what needs improvement, including specific chapters you enjoyed – giving me a standard in mind to work towards.’

Dean Biddulph

Do you want help to complete your story, to move forward from a first/second draft?

I know that feeling. Your story is there, or part of it is, but it’s taken you longer than expected, or something about it is amiss. Maybe you’re thinking some of the things I thought:

  • How do I extend it?
  • Am I really happy with those chapters at the beginning?
  • I didn’t make sure the end was exactly how I wanted it.
  • I’m stuck, and I don’t know what more to do, after taking a break.
  • I’m not certain the story is complete.
  • I want to publish but the story isn’t ready.
  • After I published some of my reviews weren’t so good and I can see why.
  • Is my story what readers in the same genre would be happy with, or come to expect?
  • I may benefit from constructive points on improving the story, in the form of comments, chapter-by-chapter breakdown, report …