Description of latest project

Warlord Aerol is going to march to the mega-fortress and end the cycle of barbarism. His dominion has never been in a better shape and his soldiers are ready. None have ever entered the mega-fortress before, but Aerol is confident it will be achieved. The road is clear, it’s the next step, and it’s the only way to free the Tekromun in his dominion, soldiers and civilians alike.

Aerol ignores any sign that things could go wrong. True, his mentor Galouch has been acting strange, after visiting the local sorcerer that has all the soldiers spooked, but no distractions or irrational fear can be permitted on this day. What Aerol doesn’t realise is that by marching to the mega-fortress, far from stepping into a future of prosperity, he’s actually going to come face to face with the past.

The past catches up with Aerol. Sorcerer Arch Banuk is much more powerful than a sorcerer should be, and Aerol doesn’t know why. Memorised conversations Aerol’s father told him become increasingly relevant on his way to the mega-fortress; conversations he had assumed were myth or speculation. Aerol learns his preternatural abilities may be because he is a rare form of sub-monster, which explains much, except why.

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