Rates FAQ

  1. What are your rates?
  2. Is copy editing or proofreading more expensive?
  3. Are your rates flexible?
  4. Can I afford your services?
  5. What if I have an urgent deadline? How long does it take to hire you?
  1. What are your rates?

I will let you know my rates for your project in a quote once you have supplied me with your brief and all final requirements for your project, which I may request. Every project is different, and I tailor my rates on many factors: complexity, length, time, my schedule, and probably wind speed also. Any prices I do put on my website, on a directory, or on any other social media, will be fulfilled in an agreement or contract at my discretion unless we both agree to follow the rules of a third-party enterprise.

Those are my rates!

  1. Is copy editing or proofreading more expensive?

The price is likely to be lower for a proofread or copy edit without any complex requirements you supplied or without much intervention necessary. The price is likely to be higher if there are extremely time-consuming tasks or complex requirements. As said above, length is a factor, and there are other factors that can increase or decrease a price at a specified time. These nuggets of information can be obtained when I assess your sample, or when you get in touch and tell me all your requirements.

  1. Are your rates flexible?

If my prices are too demanding on your wallet, please do let me know your thoughts about payment. I’m prepared to be flexible, within reason, and I’ll try to come to an arrangement. I don’t want price to be a barrier towards you hiring a copy editor or proofreader. I understand that many authors unacquainted with hiring a copy editor or proofreader can be shocked by the price and it’s no wonder: many copy editors and proofreaders have different rates and models for setting those rates.

You’re free to Contact me with any questions. If you’re unhappy about a quote, for whatever reason, please tell me why and I’ll try my best to accommodate your needs.

  1. Can I afford your services?

Yes, of course you can. If you look at the question from another point of view, can you afford not to have me? I’ll be looking at different, and yet essential, parts of your writing that you haven’t been focusing on and may not be able to focus on because you’re more familiar with your writing than I am. I can save you time and money later on in the publishing process, saving you updating and re-uploading your ebooks, avoiding some bad reviews that mention copy editing or proofreading problems you could have had sorted, and keeping a potential series consistent in style, formatting, and word preferences.

  1. What if I have an urgent deadline? How long does it take to hire you?

After you’ve got in touch, 3–5 days is desirable for me to assess your sample and 3–5 days may be necessary for me to acquaint myself with your brief and requirements, for you to ask any questions, and for us to possibly move forward with agreeing on project essentials in a contract. I would say if your deadline is sooner than 6–10 days away and you want me to work on your story, it may not be feasible.

Once the deposit has been paid, I can commence work.