Editing and Proofreading Gift Vouchers

All of the below vouchers are to be offered and redeemed at my discretion.

My cup of tea voucher – 10%

If the project is something I would be especially interested in working on, receive 10% off your first booking.

Referral voucher – 10%

10% off for clients who have been referred by a friend or past client.

Returning customer voucher – 20%

On your way back to book my editing services in again? Great! Please take advantage of the 20% discount.

Special voucher – 10-100%

Did you find me on a directory where it mentioned that there is currently a referral discount on my services? Or have I decided to offer this special voucher for a different reason? Please check the expiration date and discount percentage mentioned, and let me know when you contact where you found the discount.

Editing fees voucher – 10-100%

If you’re in a tricky situation where the editing fees may be a barrier at a time when I’m available for work this discount could help you to save costs. Alternatively, please contact and perhaps we can come to an arrangement.

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