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Alex James is a writer based in Leeds, United Kingdom, who likes writing allegories of the human condition using science fiction and fantasy. He feels his personal experience of autism makes him suitable, qualified even, to write these types of stories. As a twist on the real difficulties faced by people with autism there are heroic themes in his writing. Strengths and weaknesses are a big part of having autism: those often-intellectual superpowers people with autism are presumed to have and on the other side the difficulties; there is the knowledge and experience of having lived and learned with autism, and also the ignorance of living on the ‘wrong planet’.

His readers are people who want to read something that will make them think or who are looking for something a little different from the usual science fiction and fantasy fare.

Alex James the author–editor – indie publishing background

Alex James is an editor who has experience with the indie publishing process. He knows what it’s like to be an author, having contacted reviewers, had stalls at events, promoted his books on social media and website, and given readings and talks about his books. Having written, formatted, and published his books from 2012, he knows what it’s like to write, self-edit, prepare a cover, and format a book for publishing. The highs and lows of his experience taught him about the quality and presentation readers expect of writing. He realises how important the writer’s story is to them and how much responsibility they take on themselves for the entire process. Knowing this, he wanted to help writers on their journey, to be a part of it and learn more.

Fiction copy editor and proofreader

Copy editing and proofreading fiction is his speciality. He currently has eight years of experience copy editing and proofreading novels and short stories for independent fiction writers.

Read more on his Experience and Qualifications page.

Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)

Being a professional member of the CIEP helps him keep up to date with trends among editors and proofreaders and networking with likeminded professionals. It gives him routes towards continuing professional development: learning, qualifications, and best working practices that he otherwise wouldn’t have had.








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