‘Alex James really knows his stuff. He knew exactly what my work required, polishing it to a professional standard which I am now happy to publish. He even went beyond copy-editing and highlighted areas that didn’t make sense, which I took on board. I would highly recommend him. His work is professional, the communication is excellent and he even finished ahead of time. Thank you, Alex.’

FD Fuggle


‘Having Alex edit my work made the final drafting of my book so much easier.

The way he delivered his feedback was always very professional, not once did I feel criticised unfairly, nor felt the need to justify the stylistic decisions I made while writing the book, I felt like Alex understood my writing right from the beginning, which enabled me to focus on enhancements.

Writing a book can often be a long, hard slog and the thought of the “real work” beginning at editing stage can be daunting, but Alex made the task a much lighter one.’

Forty Birthdays

Jason Long


‘Alex has been very thorough in his work and has provided a great deal of helpful suggestions and directions that will allow me to improve my own work moving forwards. He also delivered in far less time than I thought, which was a huge bonus. Highly recommended.’

A Voice of the People – Sarpeth Story

Desmond Brennan


‘I have received my Microsoft Word document back from my writer friend Alex James. He has proofread my edited document and done an absolutely fantastic job. It just goes to show that even after editing it is worth having the skills of an excellent proofreader check your work. I can recommend Alex’s work to anyone looking for a proofreader/editor…’

Atkinson’s Adversary

John Paul Bernett


‘We gave Alex a very tight deadline to work with, but he delivered what was required, a solid proofread, but also suggested improvements which were very welcome. Very professional and easy process. This job had lots of different articles to work with, but understanding the changes made was simple and made my life easier! Happy with the overall quality of work. The service in general was easy. We were under a lot of pressure ourselves and Alex’s work gave us one less thing to worry about when pushing to get our new website live.’

Rob Caddy – MadebyAnalogue


‘Alex has been a voluntary editor for The State of the Arts since December 2014.

He is always very thorough and precise when editing a piece and is not afraid to ask questions if he is uncertain about something.

Alex has excellent proofreading and editorial skills as well as the technical skills required to draft pieces to WordPress.

Alex is punctual, reliable and enthusiastic and a real asset to The State of the Arts team. I would thoroughly recommend Alex for any editorial role.’

Bethany – The State of the Arts


‘I would like to endorse Alex James as a meticulously professional editor because he is passionate about the work he does; he communicates at every step and makes solid and valid suggestions ensuring my written work is faultless, legible and portrays my company image professionally.

‘Highly recommended, he has done an absolutely meticulous job. Excellent communication throughout the process. I would definitely be back to Alex to purchase on many future projects because other people haven’t shown that same standard of care and professional service as Alex.’

Nick – Fusion Therapy



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