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‘Instant’ meaning you instantly want a quote. Your quote should arrive in 3–5 working days, providing no follow-up questions are required, in which case it may take longer.

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(Brief guidance:

Dictionary: Oxford dictionary ( and hardcopy) or …?

Style Guide: New Hart’s Rules or …?

Language: UK or US?

Spelling: -ise or –ize endings?

Tense: present or past? (which parts?)

Person: third or first? (which parts?)

Comma splices: (when commas are used to divide main clauses – sometimes seen as incorrect use): replace with semi-colons, colons, UK en dashes ‘–’, US/Oxford em dashes ‘—’, or full stops as necessary?

Dialogue tags: replace instances of ‘says’, ‘mutter’, ‘replies’, ‘continues’, ‘goes on’, ‘interrupts’, and so on with ‘said’, where it doesn’t take away from the meaning and action in a scene, to make these dialogue tags invisible?

Quotation marks: British single or US double?

Ellipses dots: should be spaced as per New Hart’s Rules ‘ … ’ or should I leave them unspaced ‘…’?

Colons: lower-case as per British or capitalise first letter after colon as per US?

‘Very’: cut use of ‘very’

Adverb-adjective apocalypse: cut use of excessive adverbs and adjectives)

*Sample assessment

Please attach to your email a sample of your story in a word document – or a .mobi file would be even better – so I can assess your project’s requirements and give you an accurate quote that reflects the work I estimate your project needs.




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Before I agree to work with you, you may be permitted to sign a contract to make sure our expectations are in accord. See Terms and Conditions.

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