Author FAQ

1. What do all your books have in common?

They’re all unusual. Many of them are either allegorical or they’d fit in the heroic fantasy genre. The characters in my books have traits of Asperger syndrome/autism.

2. Why have you written in many subgenres of science fiction and fantasy?

When writing I’ve followed my instincts, feeling into new subgenres and exploring them because they are new to me. It has also reflected my reading tastes over time, and my existing knowledge of science fiction and fantasy.

3. What defines you as a writer?

Before 2015: getting published
After 2015: over-editing and procrastinating

4. Why did you self-publish?

I wanted to build an author platform and reach readers directly. You can’t know what being an author is like until you step into the role, and you can learn through trial and error.

5. What are you working on next?

I’m working on a heroic fantasy novel.

I’m working on a rewrite of The Antpod Faction because I felt I could do it better.

6. Why aren’t you a millionaire author?

Do I have to be a millionaire author to be taken seriously? I don’t think so. I can imagine there would be a lot of pressure for a millionaire author.

7. Is writing your job or your hobby?

It’s a hobby. In truth, I haven’t always known, but I recognise if it were a job I’d be doing it full-time, which I’m not, and it’d require doing a lot of business and marketing activities that are involved with being an author and which would make writing … different. I respect those who can work as writers, but I write and author around because I find it enjoyable. I don’t feel any less professional because I enjoy writing and being an author; on the contrary, the passion has fuelled my efforts.

8. Did you get your books copy edited or proofread?

I didn’t hire an editor for my first four novels, but I’ve had one of my rewrites edited professionally and I’ve plans for my fantasy novel to be edited in 2021.

9. Are your books any good? What do the reviews say?

Readers have said in reviews that they like my originality and the emotions the main characters go through. They don’t like … well, each to their own.

10. Who are your main readers?

Young couples, young adults, geeks, people with or who know about Asperger Syndrome, married couples, old widows, students.

11. Should I become a writer or author?

If you like writing and you’re prepared to improve the quality of your writing before publishing, then yes to both.

12. What are your main inspiration sources for writing?

• Books in my favourite genres.
• Personal challenges.

13. Where do you hope to be, as an author? How successful, and in what way?

Not necessarily just to sit on a hefty sum of author royalties and to have an esteemed reputation, though I don’t think many authors would say no to those things.

• I’d like to sell my excess paperbacks, of The Antpod Faction and Roc Isle: The Descent.
• Get more reviews, and touch more readers’ lives with my books – a review saying as much can make all the difference.
• Make more writer, reader, author friends because they can be so supportive.
• Reach more readers and become more recognisable among them.
• Earn more author royalties.
• Get a bit more publicity or use my platform to help people and groups.
• Find lots of comfort in being an author.

14. Would you ever consider a writing partnership, or submitting to a literary agent/publisher?

I’d consider it, yes.

15. Do you know any other great writers?

I know many great writers and all with varying sizes of readership, royalties, and reputation, but don’t ask them about those things! None of them are ‘famous authors’ as the media understands the term, but they’re good people who are passionate about writing and they’re always moving forward, becoming more successful.

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