Friends of Alex James


Nathan Anton (brother-author) – Writes dark fantasy inspired by anime. All the stories of his I’ve read are epic and humorous.

HJ Daly – Writer of superb YA/apocalyptic fantasy series The Sword of Idis. Good characters.

James Jackson – Science fiction author of first contact space opera series The Terran Chronicles. James is an excellent writer who has gone to lengths with building the setting and characters.

Michael Eging – Writer of historical fantasy, dark medieval fantasy, and epic fantasy.

Check out his latest project, A Silver Horn Echoes. You won’t be disappointed.

David Wind – One of my favourite authors, and an author to aspire to. David is a professional, and his fantasy writing has covered themes of honour and duty, and yet also modern thriller themes such as terrorism. I want to read his stories again.

Rebecca Gransden – Writer inspired by the sea, and who writes about the edges of things.

Ella Sanderson – Passionate young poet and open-mic performer who writes poems that are a window into high-functioning asperger’s.

Rach Gee – Author of LGBT steampunk stories, and writer of inspiring blog posts about mental health, creativity, and motivation. (Also the first person to buy my paperback book …)

JP Bernett – Great guy. He’s the Reaper author. JP Bernett writes about the grim reaper, steampunk, and poetry.

Tracy Falbe – Heroic fantasy author.

Vanessa Finaughty – Fantastic editor and also a great fantasy writer whose stories include the origins of humankind and wizardry.

Jesse Baruffi – Love this author’s work – it’s parody mixed with science fiction adventure in a way I haven’t come across before in fiction.

Briana Herlihy – Quality science fiction and fantasy writer.

GJ Griffiths – Former teacher turned author who writes books for children.



Cazbounces Books – For second-hand books, cosplay accessories, and inventions.

The Marshalls – Talented family of musicians who have always supported me.  They encouraged me to self-publish too.

Lauren C Waterworth – Professional artist with many creative talents covering digital scrapbook kits, colouring pages, cards, and gifts; among other astonishing pieces.

Leeds Steampunk Market – Steampunk and alternative wares, including local artists and authors. Always based at historic sites and the events are around the core theme of steampunk. After publishing this was where I started as an author, thanks to organiser Jo, who was happy for me to have a stall. Memories!

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