Warlord of the Lonely Fortress – Preorder

Warlord of the Lonely Fortress by Alex James - Front Cover

On Majesty, the world of fortresses, floating platforms, and walkways, ages have passed of mana-wielding heroes and heroines fighting monsters and sorcerers, and of barbaric male warriors.

Warlord Aerol trained his best into organised soldiers, founded the Lonely Fortress, and fell in love with a half-monster like him, Inde. Then … Inde separated from him.

Now, Aerol feels the Lonely Fortress is no longer his. Assassination has reared its ugly head, in the form of snakes in a jar, and he suspects Inde is a traitor. On top of this, his old friend is bewitched. Everything points towards a dreaded sorcerer he refuses to believe is real. The mega-fortress, he’s determined, is the be-all and end-all of his hopes, his salvation. Only, no-one has ever entered it.

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