Happy New Year, everyone!

Sell Books With Collabs - Intro/2023 Photo

What are your 2023 goals? There’s a chance you don’t know them all yet. And, remember, there’s no pressure to come up with New Year’s resolutions or ones that will be too big a step to accomplish. I’m going to remind myself of this as I step into the New Year. One thing I do know that I’ll be doing in January 2023 is that I’ll be a contributor of Sell Books With Collabs, a collaboration event for authors and author services to come together to help each other with promotion.

There’s a giveaway, and a few live meet and greets, before the event itself, which is on Jan 24th–Jan 27th. I’ll be providing more details in upcoming posts. If you’re an author interested in learning more, or if you know an author who may be, please take a read of the link below. More details shall follow, both through my newsletter and social media.

The event itself

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