As Good As It Gets by Romesh Ranganathan – 5/5 Stars

As Good As It Gets by Romesh Ranganathan - Front CoverAs Good As It Gets by comedian Romesh Ranganathan is a candid background to his life, perspectives, and upbringing in the modern world before and during the pandemic. The number one thing I’d assume readers would be hoping for is that the book is funny, and it is! It doesn’t try too hard, and the prose isn’t too artificial; it fits with Romesh’s style as self-deprecating and with a fear of incompetence that I’m half-ashamed to say that we fans find amusing.

Having not read Romesh’s first book, I found the chapters that delve into his past with his mum, and then how his life changed once he became a comedian, to be refreshing and enriching. The chapter about holidays I found especially humorous. There are indeed valuable life lessons here about expectations on becoming a parent, handling middle age, tackling the modern world, and keeping life balanced with one’s partner/wife.


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