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I’m a science fiction/fantasy writer who lives in Leeds, United Kingdom. Most of my inspiration has come from my condition Asperger Syndrome, which is a neurological disorder. The condition challenges me to seek understanding of people and situations, and to express myself in writing because I struggle with social understanding and unpredictable environments. I’m a quiet, solitary person, so I see writing as my main outlet for emotional expression. As an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy books, both indie and traditionally published, I’m not often short of inspiration, especially where writing style and familiar settings are concerned.

I’m currently working on Marcellus: Great Barbarism, which is about the circumstances behind the origins of individualistic alien Marcellus. I’ve chosen a barbaric setting. Though I’ve written and published a Marcellus story before, it does not as yet directly link. It’d be nice to link them and create a series, but I’m not at that stage yet. For the time being I’m happy to build Great Barbarism and see where it takes me without any ulterior motive. Please see my latest blog posts for updates on Great Barbarism.

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