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Fantasy Furore – Two-book fantasy bundle

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Roc Isle: The Descent and Roc Isle: Tempest

The Fantasy Furore special offer includes two of my only published fantasy books.


Roc Isle:The Descent & Tempest

Roc Isle: The Descent

Roc Isle: The Descent was inspired by epic fantasy and sword-and-sorcery stories by JRR Tolkien, R Scott Bakker, and the film 300. Alex James wanted to focus on the rising tension that led to war, the fear of treachery, and the bloody culmination of large-scale battle. Roc Isle: The Descent is also a coming-of-age story, in the form of Knight Prentice Ankah who feels imprisoned by duty and high expectation, and trains with the sword in the hope that his skill can help him escape.

Roc Isle: The Descent and Roc Isle: Tempest

It was written when Alex James was a young adult in late 2011, and published in November 2013. Readers who like epic fantasy stories with non-stop action like Roc Isle: The Descent.

Roc Isle: Tempest

Lord Azure commands the Northern Army in a war against the Trade Lords, who are a class of conspirators. He fights to defeat evil. However, his leadership is failing because of his son’s insolence and personal ambition. He relies on Ankah, a battle strategist and master swordsman, to prevail. But will Ankah be enough when they encounter the monolithic horned beasts known as Dregs? A Tempest of battle is about to sweep across the land, and even the strong won’t survive!

Roc Isle: The Descent and Roc Isle: Tempest

It was written when Alex James was a young adult in late 2011, and published in April 2014.

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