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Alex James’ debut novel is a science fiction spy story inspired by the discovery that he had Asperger Syndrome. Readers like The Antpod Faction because it is a little bit different from most science fiction. The Antpod Faction was first published in November 2012.

Roc Isle: The Descent was written when Alex James was a young adult in late 2011, and published in November 2013. Readers who like epic fantasy stories with non-stop action like Roc Isle: The Descent.

Roc Isle: Tempest is the sequel to Roc Isle: The Descent and takes place 20 years later when the characters are much wiser and have to contend with Dark Sorcery, rebellion, injustice, and poverty. Roc Isle: Tempest was written when Alex James was a young adult in late 2011, and published in April 2014.

Marcellus: The Mantle is a science fantasy story set in the Solar System, and describes an exploit of the ultimate legendary hero and galactic warrior Marcellus. As one of a few as-yet-unreleased prototype Marcellus stories from 2012 – 2013, The Mantle was published in January 2015 and its themes have inspired much of Alex James’ later work from mid 2014.

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Complete Four-book Set

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