Marcellus: The Mantle

Marcellus; the Mantle - book cover

Marcellus: The Mantle is a science fantasy story set in the Solar System, and describes an exploit of the ultimate legendary hero and galactic warrior Marcellus. As one of a few as-yet-unreleased prototype Marcellus stories from 2012 – 2013, The Mantle was published in January 2015 and its themes have inspired much of Alex James’ later work from mid 2014.

Marcellus bears the Mantle, which is a cloak that endows him with immense foresight and strength. However, when Marcellus and his loyal Marcellan soldiers find a saboteur in the depths of the warship, the powers of the Mantle begin to fade and it is up to unusual Marcellan, Martesui, to step into the shoes of the legendary hero and save the habitable planet Earth from war and destruction.





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