The Prince’s Mantle: Origins


An egg hatches on a lone bridge, and out of it a unique being is born. His name is Marcellus, and he is assailed by a cloak that will not be removed. The nature of his birth is a mystery.

Majesty is a world of fortresses and bridges floating above a drop to certain doom, in a time of barbaric warlords and soldiers. None are more barbaric than Warlord Aerol ¬– ruthless, cunning, and with warrior instincts honed over hundreds of years. Aerol sees potential in Marcellus’ cloak. If the cloak isn’t a weapon, then it should be, for only conquest will end the vicious cycle of barbarism.

Marcellus hopes learning sorcery from a hermit will help him to uncover the truth about his origins, but he is in a dangerous world of brutish soldiers and is not armed with the melee training and experience to survive. However, Marcellus’ sorcery is of value to Aerol, and he is not to be refused.

The future of Majesty is not certain. Soldiers are not evil: barbarism is a mindset. Small groups of innocent civilians protect themselves from feuds. The key to prosperity lies in the union between either Marcellus and Aerol, or Marcellus and a Princess who sees visions of the future. And if peace is achieved, Prince Marcellus will fight technological fanatics and invaders who threaten it. Only then will he have a chance to learn the truth about his origins, if the truth doesn’t come to him first.

Please consider reading the first five chapters of The Prince’s Mantle. Your feedback would be appreciated.

Origins – Chapters 1-5 – PDF

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