Kroll: Magnificence

Kroll: Magnificence

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  1. Kroll: Magnificence (blurb)

Fantastical sword-and-planet fantasy about mortal struggle against immortal tyrant sorcerer Kroll, who has extended his hold over the realm, causing the mortals to fight back with desperation in what they see as a hopeless battle.

Afraid of losing his immense control and his immortality, Kroll subjugates the realm and empowers himself with sorcery, but doing so brings undesired consequences: ancient buried memories, ghosts of those he killed, and truths that shouldn’t be truths!

Tags: Alchemy, Asperger Syndrome, Asperger writer, Berserker, Dystopian, Epic, Fantasy, Prophecy, Sorcery, Sword, Sword-and-planet, Tyrant, Warrior

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Is there a tyrant in you?

Kroll Magnificence – Part 1 – Chapters 1-5 PDF

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