Writing Update – 3rd January

Marcellus: The Mantle by Alex James

Marcellus: The Mantle was published January 2015 and was written as an introduction to my planned Marcellus series.

After the gloomy December 2017 review of my writing year, things seem to have improved. Not only have I made changes to a 23,000 word Marcellus draft I wrote in 2012, updating it and seeing where it does and doesn’t fit into my other drafts, but I’ve extended my rewrite of Origins to 46,000 words, which is a good starting point. The story is by no means finished, but it covers some essential events and I’m happy with how I’ve written them, which is good.

I’m now having a break from writing Origins, and I’m spending time planning another, similar story in the Marcellus series in the hope I can expand my ideas.

I’ve written many stories since 2010 that haven’t been published. Some pose questions I cannot answer or dedicate the time to answering. This is the problem when you have too many undeveloped ideas, writing but not thinking or planning properly.


1. Who has written many stories and can’t decide which they should work on?

2. How many writers like to write past tense summaries of their stories before digging into the drafts? I do, I was just curious who else used this method?



Marcellus: The Mantle is available to purchase on:

Amazon UK / Amazon US / Apple / Barnes and Noble / Smashwords / Kobo / Scribd



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About Alex James

Alex James is a freelance editor, proofreader, author and book reviewer who has a passion for science-fiction and fantasy! His writing focuses on the themes of alienation and empowerment and is inspired by his experience with Asperger Syndrome. Other sources of inspiration include Star Wars, R Scott Bakker, Isaac Asimov.

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