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I’m going to share some of my new writing, on my website. I might post a chapter a week. Each time I post there will be a prize list at the bottom. If readers contact me and give me their feedback on the chapter or comment on the post with feedback they will be able to choose their prize for that chapter. It will be a single prize for each winner and an additional prize, from past lists or depending on prize availability, to winners who read all eight chapters and supply feedback on them. The prize list may change for each new chapter depending on new contributions from authors or an improved model.


I’m looking for fantasy authors to donate a free copy of their ebook to me to add to the prize list. I won’t need too many prizes/ebooks, and perhaps no more than a dozen in total. I’ll see how it goes. I can add a clickable link that you supply on the title of your book in the prize list to lead to a destination of your choice that will provide more information about your book to readers. If the winner chooses your ebook they may read it and leave you a review. I already have my own prizes for the first chapter but if you want your ebook as a prize in the first chapter or any chapter you can request it to be so. Potential fantasy authors are free to contact me at any time during the weeks to donate a free ebook.

Once I have organised the prizes I will post the chapters. I can let you know when your prizes are available to readers if you request it or you are free to follow my facebook page @alexjamesauthor to keep up to date. It would be appreciated if authors could share the post, to fans or friends. The chapters will be posted on on the blog page.

Please comment if you’re interested or if you have any prize suggestions. Private message me on facebook or email Do not send me your free ebook without first letting me give you approval/requesting it because I have no idea how many prizes I may receive and I’d rather prioritise fantasy books that are closer to my sword-and-sorcery/heroic fantasy genre or that I think my readers may be more interested in.

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About Alex James

Alex James is a freelance editor, proofreader, author and book reviewer who has a passion for science-fiction and fantasy! His writing focuses on the themes of alienation and empowerment and is inspired by his experience with Asperger Syndrome. Other sources of inspiration include Star Wars, R Scott Bakker, Isaac Asimov.

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